Jinyu Tire plant passes Jingma Motor Co., Ltd, JMCG Audit for OE tire supply with excellent award

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On 13th June 2019, Jingma Motor Co., Ltd, JMCG audit team performed a full range audit in Jinyu Tire plant.

First of all, the audit team conducted on-site visits to our production equipment, process flow, quality control, and systematically understood the tire manufacturing process. 

And then they conducted detailed data review on our quality management system, raw material procurement, quality inspection records, supply status, after-sales service status, scheduling flexibility, safety management, and new product development cycle.

Mr Zhouan , the Manager of Jingma Motor Co., Ltd, JMCG purchase Dept. announced Jinyu Tire had passed the audit with excellent result .

Jingma Motor Co., Ltd, JMCG, located in Jiangxi province, is one of the OEM factories that Jinyu Tire is under business developing. Jingma Motor Co., Ltd, JMCG, as one of holding subsidiaries of Jiangling Auto Group, ranks top 7 in OEM factory in China. The predecessor of the company was the former Jiangxi Fire Vehicle Manufacturing Factory (Nanchang Automobile Factory), which was established in 1958. The company has the qualifications for passenger car, fire truck, special (refitted) and chassis production. The company makes full use of the branding advantages of Jiangling Group, and strives to create a new brand of "Jingma". In 2018, Jiangling Holdings ranked first in the sales of light passenger cars.

The successful audit takes a major and solid step for further cooperation for both parties and trust it is also a further step for JINYU group OEM business.