Tire Knowledge
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    Change Tire position

    The front tires tend to be eccentric wear due to braking system function.

    Rear tires wear faster due to heavy load. The drive position is even much faster.

    To change tire position in proper time is quite important. It can support to reduce eccentric wear. Normal wear can make every tire work well and expand tire lifetime.

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    Correct Inflation Pressure

    Incorrect tire inflation pressure will cause direct affection to the tire safety, lifetime and handling.

    Flat Inflation 

    ▪ Cause shoulder parts wear easily and shorten tire lifetime

    ▪ bring sidewall deflection, make tire damage and increase risk for driving safety 

    ▪ May cause bead unseat and risk for driving safety 

    High Pressure 

    ▪ Cause middle part of the tread wear easily and shorten tire lifetime 

    ▪ Higher pressure makes tire stiffness increase and cause tread deformation, thereby may result in crown burst .

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    Tire Installation

    ▪ Tire storage and installation should be done above 0 ℃.

    ▪ Check and clean rim before tire installation. Make sure there is no dirt and no deformation defective on the rim. Please change a new valve when changing a new tire .

    ▪ Check the status of tires before installation to avoid deformed, bended bead and other defective tires to be installed.

    ▪ Make sure tire size match with rim size.

    Note: Pay attention to the problems such as groove crack, eccentric wear, any cracks, injury in bead part,a ny inside foreign material and so on.

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    Tire Storage

    Tire Storage

    ▪ Tires should not been reserved together with oil, inflammable material or chemical corrosives to avoid be sticky or softening.

    ▪ Tires should been reserved indoor and avoid direct sunlight and rain.

    ▪ Prevent tires from foreign material damage(such as nails, stone, metal, glass fragment and so on).

    ▪ Perform FIFO management.

    Stack higher will cause tire deformation. If tire piles up for longer time, replace the upper ones with bottom ones every month.